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The Raya expressed his desire to see the boy. There-
upon the Jlyar having brought him to Vijayanagara, intro-
duced him to the Raya who was pleased to bestow favour upon
him. Several officers who formerly served the Sari family,
now joined the young chief who became a courtier.

Acyuta had to lead an expedition in S. S. 1157 ilanmatha,
against Grutti, where a certain chief called Timrna Xayadu rose
up in rebellion, Ahobalapati Nay adu joined the expedition with
all his retainers. The royal army soon readied Ghitti, and
having surrounded the fort attacked the defenders vigorously.
Ahobalapati Nayadu with his men crept over the wall, and
hoisted his flag on one of the towers. Encoiiraged by his
example, the troops scaled the walls on all sides and entered
the fort which soon fell into their hands.

Acyutadeva Maharaya, who was greatly pleased by the
victory, summoned Ahobalapati to his presence, and granted to
him as a reward for liis meritorious services the right of policing
the whole of the sfma of Grutti; but Ahobalapati was not
satisfied with what he got. He, therefore, requested the Raya
to grant him the rights and privileges enjoyed by his ancestors.
Acyuta acceded to the request, and bestowed upon him the
titles and privileges of his forefathers. In addition to this, he
granted him the right of collecting mannekavali in the simas
of Grutti, Cangalamarri, Ahobalam* Kandukuru, Dampur,
Jambulamadaka, Grandikota and Sirivolla at the rate of 10 ga
in every 100 ga^ and a manya of 2 turns in every putti of land.

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Periya Ramappa who is said to have been the lion of
Upanur, was the son of Q-olla Basava of Pippala-graife* and an
elder brother of Cinna Ramappa. He was a friend or compa-
nion of Vakili Cinnabhuvara, and a disciple of the famotts
Madhva teacher Yyasa-Srtha. He bore tlie titles of
stidara, and Svamidrokarag^^a anfl Claims to have been